At Sofe Design Auctions you may:
Consign to us or Sale privately.

Consign to us

To discuss your consignment opportunities with Sofe Design Auctions, please contact our Consignments Department by calling: (469)-268-1177 or send us email request through Consignments page.
We know you have plenty of options when it comes to consigning your autographs and memorabilia to auction. With a never-ending blitz of consignment solicitations coming at you constantly, choosing the right auction house can be a tough decision.
In the auction business it comes down to this: getting results and great consignment rates while being paid as quickly as possible. At Sofe Design Auctions we take the necessary steps to make sure that these objectives are achieved in impressive fashion.
  • Lightening Fast Payouts -
    We offer an expedited payout plan that allows our consignors to collect their consignment proceeds in as little as 14 days!
  • Competitive Consignment Rates -
    We offer the industry's most competitive consignment rates GUARANTEED. Better rates mean more money in your pocket!
  • No Cherry Picking -
    We deal with collections ranging in value from $50 to $500,000 (and up). We don't just cherry pick your collection - we'll help you sell the whole thing! We'll do the best to maximize the value of your entire collection.
  • Additional Fees -
    Tired of paying a laundry list of charges on top of commissions when you consign with other firms? Our consignment rates are a flat fee all-inclusive. That means no paying for listing fees, insurance, photography, etc.
  • Results, Results, Results! -
    Time and time again we have proven that we can provide our consignors with superior results. We know how to market your material and have the client base to earn you top dollar for your consignments!

Sale privately:

While we usually recommend the competitive setting of public auction, in some cases a private treaty sale is more appropriate. For some objects there may be one particularly appropriate buyer (a particular museum, or an especially motivated collector, for example someone who owns the mate to an object or painting). Sometimes the seller's situation may also demand a short timeframe for the sale, or the discretion of a private sale.
Our knowledge of the market and the collectors, institutions and dealers who drive it allows us to match great objects to appropriate buyers. Only more important objects are considered for private sales (generally $50,000 and up in value). Our commission for private sales varies depending on the value and nature of the artwork(s). If you have important artworks that you wish to sell privately, we welcome your inquiry.